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I would like to share with you a self-evaluation list that will help parents determine their strenghts and weaknesses in their parenting skills. For each question below answer  “Always, Sometimes or Never.”   As per The Hillsbourg County Public Schools in Tampa, Florida each question is considered to be essential in raising happy and successful children.

Self-Evaluation Checklist for Parents

  1. I hug and show affection to my child daily.
  2. I display my child’s school work on a wall, refrigerator, or bulletin board.
  3. I encourage regular family involvement activities.
  4. I establish family routines that include meals and study time together as well as other activities.
  5. I help my child when he or she is having difficulty in school.
  6. I am consistent, firm, and fair when I discipline my child.
  7. I set a good example for my child by volunteering at my child’s school and in the community.
  8. I see that my child has sufficient rest and nutrition daily.
  9. I require my child to participate in the routine chores and productive work of the family.
  10. I make sure my child knows the rules and expectations in our household.
  11. I plan a family meeting once a week.
  12. I praise my child for his/her good behavior and efforts.
  13. I read and respond to information sent home regarding achievement of my child.
  14. I read with my child daily.
  15. I make sure my child is in school and on time every day.
  16. I know where my child is, what he or she is doing and with whom.
  17. I know my child’s teachers and stay in contact with them.
  18. I stress the importance of education by daily reading, checking homework, and participating in teacher conferences, open houses, and volunteering time or resources.
  19. I take care of my child and myself through regular medical and dental care.
  20. I teach my child to identify choices and make independent decisions.
  21. I teach my child to respect other adults and authority.
  22. I teach my child to tolerate differences in others.
  23. I understand the importance of avoiding drugs, alcohol, and other medications which the doctor feels would be unsafe during pregnancy.
  24. I set the example of hard work and personal responsibility.
  25. I set aside time each day for my child to share with me what he or she has done in school.
  26. I set an example for my child for not abusing alcohol or drugs. 


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