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Parenting Skills: Reading With Your Child

A great parenting skill is to teach your child how to read. When you read a book with your child, you not only open up the pages to a book but also a world of pleasures. Even before starting school, these moments of discovery prepare your child for academic success and well into his teenagers years.

It is never too late to initiate your child to the enjoyment of books. Before one years of age, babies love to see colorful images in board books. There also exists waterproof book that your children can delight in during bath time. When your child takes a book and turns the pages himself, your child is learning the logical flow of actions and events and discovers how to follow a story from beginning to end.

The more you share books with your child the more the books will become familiar activity your child would like to discover. This will help in his journey of learning to read and transition to school.

Pleasures and Discoveries

Storybooks are not the only way to expose your child to writing. The manual instructions of a new toy may bring about many enjoyable discoveries too. For instance, as you consult the instructions of building a toy, your child can discover how to better take advantage of the possibilities that it offers. The written words will build more curiosity for example, as you consult the recipe of his favorite dish or the instructions of a household appliance that you will be using for the first time.

Everyday Routine

The introduction to reading in a context of fun sharing is one of the greatest gifts you can offer your child. Try seeking moments and share with your child the pleasure and value and usefulness of reading.

Your child will perceive that reading is much more than just a source of pleasure it is also a way to satisfy his curiosity and needs and this leads to your child being excited and may dive into learning to read at school. The method in which you read to your child will greatly impact his interest in written words.  This will also develop his language skills at school. While you read with animation, “The lion scared the animals and roared…”  your child will pay attention to the new words that will enrich his vocabulary. If you ask your child what will happen next, you’ll be surprised how he will attempt to find the words to carry on the story.

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Remember there are more than 1001 ways to get your child reading; a storybook, baby bath books, a recipe, an instruction manual, flyers, magazines and email received by a friend etc.. The key is to start reading today and make it a family fun activity!

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