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Exploration Stage

As soon as your toddler learns to walk, he is on a quest to for excitement and in search of discoveries. There are so many things to see, to touch, to feel, to smell and to taste! He becomes aware of his own body.  By moving objects and placing them in the space he learns to compare and control. By exploring that stimulates his curiosity and boosts his learning capabilities. For example, your child is discovering the contents of the kitchen garbage he notices items that smell bad, others are cold and some are moist. These types of explorations are necessary for your child’s reflection and to acquire autonomy.

Your child will also learn the safety rules and the different uses of material at his disposal. As he gets older, the more he will understand these rules. When he is in pursuit of attention, he is interested in testing your limits, making you react instead of exploring.

Techniques On Handling These Situations?

  • Warn your child of the danger if the exploration consists of risks.
  • Make your house childproof; minimize the risks by removing fragile objects out of your child’s reach or anything dangerous. 
  • Guide your child’s acts but do not forbid them as this discourages curiosity.
  •  Do not dramatize the mistakes or clumsiness such as getting all dirty from playing in the soil. Say, “Next time, you’ll be more careful.”
  •  Fix or repair the damages so that your child comprehends his mistakes. Accompany your child in the process and do not demand that he cleans it perfectly.

 As parents we need to tap into a “child like thinking state” so that we can imagine what is going inside our child’s head. Only then can we recognize that when a toddler throws food from the high chair he is trying to discover and attempt to understand the notion of depth.

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